Managing Events

Baptist Events

The Events Page of Baptist Online uses custom Sitecore renderings which extend from the SXA Event List and Calendar Event renderings.  Each set of event groupings is created by adding a Baptist Event List template and child Baptist Event templates.  These items are created

Manual Event List Creation

  • Navigate to the site Data folder of  Baptistonline.
  • Find the Events  folder underneath the site Data folder.
  • Right click and choose Insert > Baptist Event List .
    baptist event list figure 1
  • Give the new Baptist Event List a name without any special characters.
  • Once the item is created, Expand the "Event List Location" section.
  • It is possible to associate the Baptist Event List with a Hospital Location, if a set of event occurences will be held at a hospital location.
    • Under the Location dropdown, choose the Hospital location the Baptist Event List events will be associated.
    • If event list occurrences will be at a non-hospital location, leave empty.
  • In the "Event List Category" field, type the name of the category the event list will be associated with.
    • If grouping more than event list to an Event category, spelling/capitalization must be an exact match.

      baptist event list location category figure 2

Adding a Baptist Event to a Baptist Event List

Once you have created the Baptist Event List under the Event folder of the Baptistonline Data folder, you may populate the individual event items.

  • Navigate to the site Data folder of Baptistonline.
  • Find the Events folder underneath the site Data folder.
  • Locate the Baptist Event List you wish to add event dates to.
  • Right click and choose Insert > Baptist Event

    baptist event insert
  • Give the event a unique name. A good naming convention could be to use the date and time.
    • example:   Event 1 1 2018 123000
    • Where the above example follows this pattern "Event " prefix with date stamp as "Month Day Year HourMinuteSeconds".
    • This example is what the bulk import method will name each event item.

      baptist naming convention
  • Fill in these fields of the event item:
    • Baptist Event Location: Blank or the same Hospital Location as parent Baptist Event List item.
    • Start: Start Date and Time
    • End: End Date and Time
    • Place: Detailed location information like room number, address, etc
    • Name: Typically matches the Title field of the parent Baptist Event List
    • Description: Full text/html description of the event occurrence
    • Link to Event's Page: (optional) Link to supporting page
    • StartLabel: Preceding label for Start Time value
    • EndLabel: Preceing label for End Time value

Events Bulk Import

Creating each individual Baptist Event List and Baptist Event items is simple enough, but can be cumbersome if there are many events to create at one time.
In those cases it may be easier to import those events from an excel spreadsheet.

Prepare Data

  • Navigate to the Sitecore Launch Pad
  • Under the Content Editing group find the launch tile titled "Baptist Events Bulk Import" and click on it.
  • It will be necessary to prepare a spreadsheet with specific column titles, and the events data before starting the import process
  • The required column titles are as follows:
    • EventTopic — Title of Event or group of events.
    • EventLocationId — Cactus ID of associated hospital location (see Client/Cactus ID list 1 below)
    • EventCategoryName — Category name of event item repeat.
    • TopicDescription — Full text/html description of the event occurrence.
    • EventLocation — Detailed location information like room number, address, etc.
    • StartTime — Start date time column
      • Format as MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss(AM/PM)
      • example: 11/8/2016 5:30:00 PM
    • EndTime — End date time column. See StartTime for formatting.


Client/Cactus ID list 1

  • Baptist Medical Center — BMCJACKSONMS
  • Baptist Medical Center Attala — BMCATTALAMS
  • Baptist Medical Center Leake — BMCLEAKEMS
  • Baptist Medical Center Yazoo — BMCYAZOOMS
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Booneville — BOON
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Calhoun — CALH
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville — CVL
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto — DESH
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women — WOMN
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle — GTR
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Huntingdon — HUNT
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis — MEMPH
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi — OXFH
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Tipton — TIPH
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City — UCH
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County — NA
  • Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital — RCH
  • Baptist Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital — GERM
  • Crestwyn Behavioral Health — CRWBH
  • NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital — NEAH
  • Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children's Hospital — WCHILDH

BULK Import Event Data

After you have prepared your spreadsheet data, you may begin the import process. Watch the following screencast to see the bulk import process.

Import event items in bulk