Web Forms for Marketers versus Wufoo

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Adding a form to a page

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When to use WFFM or Wufoo

Currently there are 2 different form systems implemented on the site: the third-party solution, Wufoo, and the built-in Sitecore solution, Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM). Deciding which system to use is done on a per form basis, depending on the requirements of that form. WFFM is sufficient for most simple forms, and it has the added benefit of intergrating with Sitecore's marketing and analytic tools. Wufoo has better support for more complicated forms, such as forms that require conditional logic for toggling certain fields, dynamically setting the destination address of email notifications, and multi page/step forms.

You can embed a Wufoo form by logging into Wufoo, finding the correct form, and copying the embed code. There are 2 versions of the embed code, the Javascript version and the iframe version. Both versions work, but the Javascript version is preferred because it allows you to hide Wufoo's default form header (the header should be controlled within Sitecore instead). Paste this code into a Plain HTML component where you want the form to appear (similar to embedding YouTube videos).