Sitecore Quirks

Headshots and photo embeds

Creating a list of headshots (such as those used for the leadership bios) is done with a Rich Text component. Drag the component onto the page where you want it to appear. Inside the Rich Text editor, add an H2 element for a heading, a P element with additional text, and insert the image as the first child inside the P tag. Then assign the component a class of .leadership-block. Repeat this process for each additional block.

Leadership and headshot photo embeds

YouTube video embeds

YouTube video embeds are accomplished with a Plain HTML component. After adding the component to the page, browse to the video on YouTube and copy the embed code. Then paste this code into the Plain HTML component. (Note: We recommend disabling related videos at the end of the video.)

Embedding a YouTube video

iOS Safari linking fax numbers

The Safari web browser on iOS devices will automatically scan web pages and convert any text that looks like a phone number into a clickable link. Sometimes this behavior is desirable, but this also means the browser automatically links fax numbers, which doesn’t make sense for most mobile devices. To solve this issue, there is a CSS class that can be applied to any fax number in the Rich Text editor that will disable this behavior.

Disable fax links on iOS Safari

Registration symbol breaking links

Because registered trademark symbols are typically superscripted, they will break the underline style when used inside a link. This can be solved by inserting a special HTML snippet inside the Rich Text editor. Anytime you need to insert a registered trademark symbol inside link text, use this snippet to keep the underline from breaking. This is not necessary outside links.

Fixing registered symbols inside links

Accordion Grid Parameter Bug Workaround

With the upgrade of SXA 1.5 Grid Parameters for the Accordion Items introduced a default Grid Parameter value of 12 for Phones in the Rendering Parameters of the Accordion Header and Content. For unknown reasons at this time, this parameter setting can affect the display and functionality of the Accordion SXA component. The workaround requires removing the Grid Parameter setting.