Creating a new redirect

  • You can insert a redirect item underneath any page and it will match URLs based on that path in the content tree.
  • If you want to create a placeholder link in the sidebar nav that represents that redirect, create a blank page with the same name as the redirect item (in this case, “name” refers to the item name, not the display name). Make sure the redirect item is sorted above the placeholder page in the content tree so Sitecore matches that item first.
Creating a child page redirect

Managing redirects for vanity URLs

  • A large collection of redirects are also stored under /sitecore/content/Baptist/Baptist/Baptistonline/United States/Settings/Redirects/301 redirects from site migration. This is used for vanity URLs and other miscellaneous redirects (like those moved over during the initial site migration).
  • You can add more redirects to this list, or, for the sake of organizing the redirects, you can create a new redirect group under that folder and add new redirects to that item. Redirects do not take effect until that item is (re)published.
  • Note: Redirects added here do not support external websites in the destination URL. This means you can’t use this method to redirect to a page on,, or any other domain outside This can only be used to redirect within the current domain. If you need to add an external redirect, use the alternative method covered above.
  • This method also does not support URL parameters in the source or destination field.
Managing global redirects