Testing Center Locations

Testing Center Location Detail Page Branch Template

Tagged Location Listing Composition

Tagged Location Listing component is an additional location component that displays locations based on an SXA tag folder's descendant tags. This component was developed specifically for the COVID-19 Testing Locations, but could be repurposed for other types of listings as well. However, the COVID-19 Testing locations will be used as the example in this section.


SXA Tag Folder & Tags

SXA Tag Folders & Tags, typically stored underneath SXA Site Data Folder:

SXA Tag Folders & Tags

Location Listings

Location Listings are currently dependant on the parent Composite Tab layout, so can only be used within a tab's content pane.

Tab items

Tagged Location Listing Rendering Paramters Configuration

For the "Tagged Location Listing", the renderings data source must be an SXA Tag Folder. When the component is rendered, Sitecore will search for any items with the Template Name "Location Item","Hospital Item", and that have been tagged with the Data Source Tag Folder's child Tags.

Tagged Listing Presentation Details

Tagging Properties

Tagging properties were added to all location listing renderings'/components' rendering paramters template. The purpose of the Tagging Properties section is to allow the location lists add a graphic on items have been tagged with one or more of the the "Tag Parent" Tag Folder's child Tags. This is how the indicator for the COVID-19 Testing :ocation badge/graphic was also added to the existing Hospital and Minor Meds tabs location listings on the locations index page.

The "Tagging Properties" section can only be utilized once on each location listing.

Tagging Properties

Testing Center Location Details Page Banner

Location Detail Banner


The Location Detail page banners were created using the following components

  • SXA Images
  • Location Details Layout Partial Design
  • Personalization Rules

Use case and Composition


  • Testing locations could either be an existing or an ancilliary (not imported via API) location.
  • Banners on existing locations being used as a test center would need to link out to a specific page under the COVID-19 testing locations section.
  • Child Location Detail Pages under the "Testing Locations" section/page, would have banners would link to the parent "Testing Locations" page.


  1. Banner graphic uploaded to Media Library
  2. SXA image items were created under the BOL SXA Site Data Folder. Primary default image linking to the "Testing Locations" page, and copies for the location-specific banners.

    SXA image link info
  3. SXA image added to the Location Details Layout Partial Design placeholder "/main/container-2/column-3-1" through the partial design's presentation details. SXA image presentation details
    SXA image style classes

Personalization Rules

Finally, personalization rules where added for the variantions of the SXA image appear based on certain SXA tags, and additional Rule conditions to use the location specific images where necessary.

Locaiton Specific Personalization Rule
Location specific personalization rule for location details page banner. Olive Branch Minor Medical location details page banner will display the SXA image with URL linking to Olive Branch test page under COVID-19 Testing locations

Not location specific with
All other "Tagged" locations, not tagged locations