Website Provisioning

Before creating a new site and/or following the steps below, please take a minute to review the official Sitecore SXA documentation in regard to setting up and configuring new SXA Sites.

Creating a New SXA Site

  1. Log into admin panel
  2. Navigate to content editor
  3. Expand Content tree
    1. Expand Content node
    2. Expand Baptist tenant folder
    3. Expand Baptist tenant
    4. Sitecore content tree
  4. Create new "Site Folder"
    1. Right-click Baptist tenant
    2. Insert > "Site Folder"
      Create site folder
    3. In the dialog that opens, create a name for the Site folder with no spaces, click 'OK' to continue or 'Cancel' to cancel.
      New SXA site name
  5. Create new SXA Site
    1. Right-click on the newly created 'Site Folder'
    2. Select "Insert" > "Site""
    3. Change 'Site name' to name of your choosing. Coule be local based, e.g. United States, but can be anything
    4. Set 'host name' to the domain name for the site.
      General tab settings
    5. Under the Features Tab, Leave all selected. 
       Features tab settings
    6. Theme Tab
      1. Mark "Create new theme" checkbox
      2. Change "New theme name"
      3. Theme tab settings
    7. Grid Tab
      1. Choose which CSS Framework the theme shoudl inherit from
      2. Bootstrap is the grid system for all other sites. If theme is to be based on existing themes from other sites, best to leave as "Bootstrap"
      3. Grid tab settings
    8. Click 'OK' to continue or 'Cancel' to abort.
    9. Wait for additional dialogs and scripts to complete. Click 'Close'
      Site created dialog
    10. See Sitecore SXA documentation, for additional information.

Copy Partial Designs

  1. Copy each partial design you want to transfer over to the new site, by right clicking the item and choosing the 'Partial Designs' folder under the new site

Copy Page Designs

  1. Copy each page design you want to transfer to the new site. Right click the item and choosing 'Page Designs' folder under the new site.
    1. Shortcut: If copying from Baptistonline, copy the entire 'Page Design' folder to the 'Presentation' folder and delete

Change Partial Design References in Page Designs

  1. Open each page design and change the Partial Design references from the site the page designs were transferred from to the Partial Designs of the new site.
    1. Note: Order of the Partial Design references can be important

Copy Rendering Variants

  1. Same as with partial designs and page designs. Some custom rendering variants may need to be transferred to the new website

Copy Available Renderings

  1. Copy and Available Rendering items that do not already exist in new site.

Copy Styles

  1. Copy Styles Item from Presentation folder of source site to Presentation folder of new site. Delete existing 'Styles' node in target Presentation folder prior to copying or after. If after, renaming the copied 'Styles' node from 'Copy of Styles' to 'Style' would be necessary.
    1. Only necessary if you intend to reuse many styles and components from another site (as with any of these steps).

Check Style/Rendering Variant References

  1. Navigate to Partial Designs Folder
  2. Select a partial design in content tree
  3. Click 'Presentation' tab, then 'Details' button of the 'Layout' group
  4. Select 'Final Layout'
    1. Click on each item under 'Controls'
    2. Look for broken references, will look like GUIDs in many cases.
      Style/Rendering variant control properties
    3. Check source control from old website to find which item it should link to… if that item does not exist in the new site, copy from old site or create new reference.


*Note in SXA version 1.4+, SXA that has a command to complete this process for you.  This Baptist Sitecore Instance is utilizing SXA 1.3 at time of this document's creation.

SXA Theme

  1. Export new website theme
  2. Navigate to website theme you want to base the new theme from
    1. Example Content > Baptist > Baptist > Baptistonline > United States > Media > United States > Baptistonline
  3. Rich click, select Scripts > Download
  4. Combine unzipped contents of downloaded package from source .zip file with the new site style files
  5. Be sure to zip from within the extracted folder to get the correct structure
  6. Exports become larger as the site content grows

Existing BOL, BCC, BMG Theme Overrides

  1. Create new stylesheet prefixed z-nameofstylesheet.css
  2. Upload to theme folder > styles item/folder under the media library of the website
  3. Same for scripts (javascript files). Prefix with z- (ex. z-nameofscript.js)
  4. Upload to theme folder > scripts item/folder under the media library of the website
  5. figure for