Birthing Classes

Hospital Group Tours

We are happy to provide you with a tour of the hospital if you are not attending a class where a tour is offered. Tours are generally conducted on a weekday evening and one Saturday a month. Please call the registration line to sign up as space is limited and dates are subject to change – 901-226-5764.

Prepared Childbirth Class

This is a four-week series that addresses the basics of childbirth. Participates will learn about the labor & delivery process, pain management options, some basic breathing & relaxation techniques and take a tour of the labor & delivery and mother/baby areas. At the end of the series you will be offered the option of attending an additional class" that covers more specific information for those planning a "natural delivery", topics in that class will include massage therapy and comfort measures for labor. Fee is $55- please call 901-226-5764 to register.

Saturday Childbirth Class

This one day session covers all the same topics as the weeknight series. This class also includes some very basic information on "infant care & breastfeeding". A tour of the labor & delivery and mother/baby areas is also included. This is a great option for people who aren't able to attend a week night session or have busy schedules to work around. Fee is $75 – please call 901-226-5764 to register.

Expectant Parents Class

This three hour class covers the "baby basics" as well "new mom care". Information will be provided on basic infant care including home & car safety, some CPR techniques (but not certification) and feeding and caring for baby. New mom care and instructions are part of the class as well. Fee is $30- please call 901-226-5764 to register.

Breastfeeding Class

This is a "single-session" class that teaches expectant mothers the basics of how to breastfeed successfully. Topics include advantages of breastfeeding, getting off to a good start, resources for help and information on going back to work and pumping. Fee is $30 please call 901-226-5764 to register.

Sibling Class

Targeted for 3-10 year olds, this class helps prepare children for the arrival of a new sibling. This is a two-our interactive session with lots of "hands-on" activities for children. Parents will participate in the class with their child, information will also be provided to parents that include "tips" for making the transition easier. Fee is $20 first child, two or more in same family $25 please call 901-226-5764 to register.

Grandparents Class

In this two-hour class expectant grandparents are provided with updates on childbirth and parenting practices. Other topics covered in class include suggestions and tips on helping new parents as well as providing infant care. Fee is $30 please call 901-226-5764 to register.

Dynamic Dads

This free Saturday workshop is for "Dad's Only". It is a partnership with "Families Matters" and the group is led by "veteran dads" who share information from a "dad's prospective." Topics include: caring for mom & the new family, dealing with crying babies & crying moms and how to be a "dynamic dad"! Registration is required – please call 901-227-9873 to register.

Rattled Postpartum Depression Support Group

After a baby arrives, life can feel joyful and can also feel overwhelming. Feelings of anxiety, isolation and sadness can happen, leaving new moms in need of additional support. There is help available; you are not alone. There is a group just for you. Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and the Universal Parenting Place are partnering to offer continued support to help new moms. This free, weekly support group is open to all moms, regardless of where baby was born.

All moms and children are welcome.

Registration Information

We have a central registration line that you can call to register for your classes. The customer service representatives will be happy to give you dates, additional information and sign you up for any of our classes. All class fees are payable to the instructor when you attend the class.

For more information, please call 901-226-5764.